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Hybrid Muay Thai Domination

By December 4, 2017News & Events

Another fantastic night for the Hybrid Muay Thai team! Under the expert leadership of head coach Dave Wilkins, supported by Marcel, Allan, Kristina and Mike, our lads brought skill and style to the show and left with three wins!

The show itself was great and we had tons of support there for the lads! Thanks to everyone for supporting your fighters! Special thanks go out to the coaching team. These guys are so dedicated to bringing on the team, and deserve so much praise!

First up was Will, stepping in the ring like a young Heracles. His opponent was experienced and took an early lead with some cheeky sweeps. Will’s determination and skill showed through though with a superior clinch game and some stunning knees. Great exchanges went Wills way, landing strike after strike. A great work rate and solid finish lead to him getting his hand raised! A great win!!

Next up, Kris stalked into the ring,the epitome of an apex predator. Supported by a huge number of fans, he took the early lead, swarming his opponent with strike after strike. His opponent Ash fought bravely, but was overwhelmed by the controlled aggression and skill of our lad. To the rapturous roars of the crowd, Kris put knee after knee, elbow after elbow into his stalwart opponent, and ended the fight with a unanimous decision. 2 for 2 so far!!

Rob needs no introduction. Stepping up to fight for the Super Lightweight Area Title, Rob was the picture of confidence. Both fighters started well, with some great trades letting the crowd know they were about to witness something truly special. Rob is a monster though, and his incredible cardio and ridiculous work rate started to show through. A series of strong exchanges left Rob’s opponent on the back foot, and, scenting blood, Rob swept in with a beautiful series of flying knees and solid elbows. A solid body blow later and Rob was crowned victor. Still undefeated and no doubt he ran home afterwards like the machine he is!!

Massive thanks to the coaches, without whom we wouldn’t have such a strong, well knit team. Another year down, another series of devastating victories!!

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