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July 2017

Hybrid Anniversary Social

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This year marks our Seventh anniversary. To celebrate we are going to be participating in the Clovelly Bay Inn Cider and Sausage festival!

On 29th July at 2pm we will all be meeting at the inn, and celebrating the anniversary in style. We hope you can join us there!!

For more details go to  https://www.facebook.com/events/1980079335557392/?acontext=%7B%22ref%22%3A%223%22%2C%22ref_newsfeed_story_type%22%3A%22regular%22%2C%22action_history%22%3A%22null%22%7D

Elbowfest Cardiff

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Another awesome show, another great showing by our guys!

Mike showed exactly what he is made of once again with a phenomenal win against a strong opponent, winning fight of the night once again. The Welsh crowd was left begging for more, and we’ve been inundated with requests to have him fight there again!

Rob showed controlled aggression against a more experienced opponent from a good gym. Lovely elbows and great knees meant that his opponent didn’t know what hit him. It’s looking more and more like Rob is a champion in the making.

Jed started out well, connecting with a variety of head and low kicks. Pressing his opponent, a win looked certain, before he took an illegal jump knee to the head and the bout was declared a no-contest.

Hero of the night was last-minute step-up Will Edney. Taking the fight on just under 24 hours notice, Will fought like a lion, narrowly missing out on getting his hand raised. His opponent was experienced and was expecting the fight, but Will still held him to a decision. Imagine what he could do with more preparation!


The Team Works.

Hybrid Summer Camp

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This summer marks the return of the world famous ‘Hybrid Summer Camp’. We will take your little ones and teach them the secret arts of the ninja, all while you relax and enjoy a rare bit of holiday peace! A whole week full of excitement and fun, including such activities as Ninja Star crafting, Martial Arts practice and topped off with a water fight! (Weather Permitting)

If you are interested in securing a spot let us know and we will get you all signed up!