Hybrid Mixed Martial Arts was founded by myself ‘Darren Norris’ in September 2006. After over 17 years of training and teaching in other styles such as Escrima, Kickboxing and Free Style Kung Fu I decided it was time to finally realise my dream.

At the time Plymouth was crying out for a forward thinking club. One that could offer members the very best bits from many different styles and disciplines whilst at the same time being accessible to all. My sole goal was to develop a school that embraced other styles strengths without being forced to adopt their weaknesses.

Now please don’t get me wrong, I have the greatest respect for traditional styles and there practitioners. I simply want to give our students the opportunity to experiment with a widest possible variety of styles from around the globe.

In addition I wanted to bring martial arts training up to the 21th Century. I honestly believe that if the founders of many of these traditional systems were alive today they would very rapidly adapt their styles to meet the modern threats as well as making use of the very latest training methods and technologies.

That’s where we come in! Hybrid Mixed Martial Arts prides its self on the fact that it is constantly evolving. No two lessons are the same. We are constantly exploring and testing. Searching for better techniques and training methods.

Our team of instructors feel passionate about martial arts and want to share their knowledge with as many people as possible. Although our instructors come from many different martial arts back grounds they all share one common training ethos.

‘If it works we will use it, if we find something that works better we change it!’

In keeping with the hybrid philosophy of innovation and progression, we decided to open our very own full time training venue. Now this is not something we rushed into lightly. We conducted extensive research both home and abroad .We were not happy to follow the set template of martial arts school design. You know, find a space, stick a load of mats in it, maybe a few punch bags and only open for a few hours a day. We also did not want to become one of the growing Americanised Mc Dojo style clubs. We researched what people actually wanted out of their club.

The findings were obvious when you think about it. People wanted a full time facility that gave them the flexibility to train when they wanted to train and not be restricted by the class timetable. They also wanted to enjoy the standard of facilities you would expect from a top health club. In addition they wanted to be able to complement their martial arts training with other fitness programs and equipment.

You spoke, we listened!

By opening the doors to Hybrid MMA & Fitness Centre we have broken the mold of how martial arts schools are run and have set new standards within the industry.

Our new 6,000+sq ft premises boasts a custom matted area, fighting cage, MMA Shop, private training room, massage room, Heavy weights room, Performance Studio (including functional training rig) and full commercial fitness suite. Combine these amazing facilities with a comprehensive timetable of classes, a Dream Team of dedicated instructors and it’s easy to see why Hybrid is one of the fastest growing clubs in the South West.

Since our launch many clubs have tried to keep up and replicate our success. This is not only very flattering, it also drives us to continually raise the bar in terms of facilities, coaching and standards.

We will continue to grow and evolve as a club. As always we have an extensive list of improvements and project that will ensure Hybrid continue to be the leading force in MMA.

Phase 3 of our plans will be coming soon! So come along and be a part of the future of martial arts training.

Darren Norris
Founder and Chief Instructor