Hybrid prides itself on its honest, no-nonsense approach to membership. We once again looked in depth at how the industry run membership and sales in the UK. We listened to many of the sales companies specialising in this market. Many following the American model of offering so-called Free Month trials. This always includes a systematic pressure sales process involving a confusing membership pricing system and constant ‘Up Selling’.

We personally found the majority of this not only confusing but unethical. Hybrid offers easy to understand membership options. That way right from the start you know exactly what you are getting for you money.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about getting started:

Q: Do I get a Free Session?

A: Yes, have a look at our timetable and pick a day that has a class that interests you. Then just simply give us a call us so we know you are coming.

You will get a FREE class. If you join straight after your trial class then you will not have to pay any joining fee.

Q: Do I need to bring anything with me?

A:  It’s a good idea to bring a drink and a sweat towel. Normal training attire is fine. We train in bare feet for martial arts classes and trainers for fitness classes. All equipment you need will be provided by us. If however, you already have items such as gloves etc. please feel free to bring them along.

Q: Can I grade to achieve belts?

A: We have a grading system based loosely around R.A.T (Rapid Assault Tactics) training and other self defence systems. Introducing these concepts into the MMA classes add in a ‘finish it quick’ approach to the sport. We use the syllabus primarily as a way of highlighting weaknesses, and forcing a fighter to focus on parts of their game that they might otherwise overlook. We’ve found the main reason people avoid certain techniques is because they don’t feel as comfortable with them. Constant repetition for grading leads to our fighters becoming more well-rounded athletes.

Q: Are there any additional costs?

A: As with any good martial arts club you will need to have a license. This is your insurance. You are partaking in a contact sport therefore each individual adult who trains will require one. It is also your grading book in which we record you progress. The Adult licenses cost £20 per annum. Little Hybrid and Junior Licenses are included in the membership.

We have a club uniform, you will be required to wear one if you choose to participate in the grading system. We have the ‘Little Hybrid’ (4-7 year) and Junior (7-11 years) uniforms available in our shop . For the adults we have a wide range of Hybrid clothing for you to choose from. We are constantly improving and adding to the Hybrid clothing range.  Items such as performance tops, vests, women’s lycra trousers and hoodies etc. are also available.

As students’ progress through the grading system there are a number of pieces of equipment that they will require. These items can be purchased individually or alternatively, we have created Special Belt Specific  Packages to make this easier and cheaper.

Q: Am I limited to the numbers of classes I can attend?

A: No, You can attend as many classes as you like. We want you to enjoy the flexibility of the timetable at the club. You are not only limited to one style either. That’s what makes us unique in the area. You also have the luxury of the ‘Open Mat’ sessions in which you can come in by yourself or with friends (you will make them very quickly) and practice and your leisure.

Q: I really enjoyed the sessions and have had my free trial. I would like to join, so how do I do it?

A:  Hybrid have created a really simple payment procedure.  All fee payments are collected by direct debit. Simply decide which membership type suites your needs best. One of our friendly reception staff with give you the paperwork you need and carefully talk you through everything. Once that is all completed you are ready to get started.

We hope this is helpful if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.