At Hybrid, we want your kids to succeed. We want to help to build self-confidence while also teaching vital skills such as teamwork, respect, self-discipline and perseverance. Our youth programs are designed to challenge and develop these skills, helping them to develop socially, mentally, emotionally and physically! Best of all, they will be learning and developing through martial arts. Your child will build dynamic martial arts capabilities, while gaining confidence and self-esteem. Martial Arts is a fantastic springboard for future success!

Little Hybrids

Ages 4-7 years

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Junior Hybrids

Ages 7-11 years

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Senior Hybrids

Ages 12-16 years

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There is also NO Joining Fee and No License Fee for any of our young people.

We still have not got to the best bit yet. I’m sure like us you rarely find time to get to the gym yourself? Well, now you have no excuse because whilst your child is training YOU have free use of our gym facilities! So now you can make the most of your time (or you can relax and have a coffee instead). The choice is yours……

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