Our martial arts program will improve your child's confidence, self-esteem, concentration levels, personal safety, and mental and physical health.

Feel confident your child is having fun learning & making friends in a safe, inclusive environment with our caring instructors.

The ability to protect oneself is a right that should be accessible to all, including children


We are a family owned gym and a strong community is at the heart of Hybrid.


Our students are super supportive, they regularly compete away together and are each other's biggest cheerleaders.


We will ensure we buddy your child up on their first session. They will be met with kindness by coaches & students alike.

It's time to get the children off their devices and in class having fun!


Step 1

We offer a 2 week trial at £30, if they join we will reimburse your membership with it!


Step 2

Parents/ guardians, you can train in the gym for free whilst your child is in class! A bit of 'me time' for everyone!


Step 2

Little Hybrids 4-7yrs Mon, Wed & Fri at 5pm (45 mins)

Junior MMA 7-14yrs Mon to Fri at 5pm + Thurs 6pm (1 hour)

14yrs+ can attend adults/gym


Achieve your goals

Call 01752 265785 for email info@hybridgym.co.uk to arrange your trial or pop in for a tour and chat.

Feel confident your child is having fun learning & making friends in a safe, inclusive environment with our caring instructors.  

Success Stories

We couldn't be happier!

We couldn’t be happier for our boys to be a part of the Hybrid MMA community. From day one of speaking to the friendly staff to find out more information about their classes, to attending trial sessions, we  knew instantly this is what we were looking for. We felt reassured and knew the boys would be in good hands!

Unlike other classes and activities for their age group, Hybrid have multiple sessions per week as part of their membership which helps the development of their skills and it’s year round (not term time only)!

Hybrid have made us feel very welcome and we feel confident in the coaches and their investment in the boys development.

Most importantly the boys really enjoy going! Their confidence is building and they are making friends along the way.

With the structured sessions and progression through coloured belts they are proud of their achievements and know what they need to do to get to the next stage!

All round a very friendly, inclusive, safe and knowledgeable gym- would highly recommend!

Toby & Tristan

Fun training for the whole family!

As a family we spend most of our week at Hybrid! Both of my children  have trained here since the age of 5&6 (now 15&10). The club has a great family atmosphere, and a great selection of classes from BJJ, MMA and Muay Thai, which are run by amazing coaches that take a great interest in everyone that is training. Between us we train at least 18 classes a week, and also make use of the gym. The club have supported  Harvey in many BJJ competitions and MMA promotions/shows, and have helped him grow in his training (even more so now that he does the adult classes as well). Harvey and Rosie have made amazing friends over the years, and we have travelled all over the place with other families competing and supporting each other in MMA shows and BJJ competitions.

Dad Tom, Harvey & Rosie

Hybrid Combat Gym Can Help You

It's not new news, being a parents is the hardest job on the planet, we never stop worrying about our children whatever their age. I recall my son's first soft play area conflict at age 2 when another child told him he wasn't allowed on the slide & blocked him from entering the play area. Other life worries, seeing my tiny little human starting school for the first time and I remember thinking, but my child is so small, this school is so big & feeling so anxious. Then there is secondary school, their first venture solo on a bus, first day trip into town with their friends, through to all the social media dangers, conflict at school right the way through to when alcohol comes into the equation.

There will always be risks and they are very different throughout their lives. This is why we have a Little Hybrid program for 4-7yrs, juniors 7-14yrs and 14yrs + sessions. Our programs are bespoke for those age groups.
As an adult, one thing I have learnt in life is there is a victim selection process; whether that be in the playground, out on the street or in the workplace. It is simply the case that the 'harder targets' are less likely to be victims.

What makes a hard target? Well a skillset of physical tools that can be unleashed should it all go horribly wrong needs to be up there right? But more importantly a confident person with high self esteem and good self awareness is much more likely to be a hard target than someone who lacks confidence and lacks the ability to maintain eye contact or who stares at the ground.

Right here, is the magic of martial arts and what is has to offer. Now there is loads more of course, the fun, the fitness, the friendships, learning an exciting art that has been handed down for generations throughout thousands of years too. But as owners, who themselves were young childhood martial artists and now parents, this is definitely our 'why' for martial arts.

Free uniform for all junior students who join! Just quote Web23 at reception!!!

Two week trial for just £30, bring them along to try out the sessions without the commitment. No minimum contracts for under 18yrs! Join and will reimburse your £30 to your membership and we will chuck in a free uniform too!

Under 18s (14yrs+ can use the gym and attend adult classes)  £30 for 2 weeks

  • Junior Program 7-14yrs: MMA, BJJ & Muay Thai sessions ( 6 classes a week to choose from)
  • Little Hybrids Program 4-7yrs this MMA program are on 3 days a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the instructors DBS Checked?

Yes, absolutely. We have a robust safeguarding policy in place, our instructors are highly experienced & professional, your child is very much in safe hands with us. There is CCTV in all dojos and you are welcome to watch your child practise from the comfort of the reception sofas! We also serve tea and coffee on premises & have free Wi-Fi!

What is MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai for the Junior classes?

MMA also known as mixed martial arts is a mix of kickboxing, grappling & wrestling and weapons training. We at Hybrid have developed a strong syllabus taking the best bits of many martial arts and bringing it together to create an outstanding program. Basically your child will learn to fight standing and on the ground with some takedowns thrown in!

BJJ is Brazilian Jiu Jitu is a self defence based martial arts and a combat competitive sport based on takedowns, grappling, ground fighting and submission holds and chokes.

Muay Thai, this is sometimes referred to as Thai boxing, its known as the art of 8 limbs; this is because it involves punches, kicks, knees & elbows! This is a very exciting striking art.

Can you tell me more about the Little Hybrid program?

This is a fun class, with games to improve feet & hand co-ordination, working as a team, taking instruction as well as learning mixed martial arts. These sessions are specific to this age group and we learn about stranger awareness, beat the bully, fire safety & much more. Students get stars against their names on the board and every 4th session they receive a tag on their belt. 6 tags = a belt progression. At this age we don't put them under the pressure for gradings, instead we allow them to simply enjoy their martial arts journey and reward them for turning up and working hard in class. This really helps improve their confidence throughout their time with us and sets them up well ready for the Junior program.

What do they need to bring or wear?

We train barefoot, so a pair of flip flops or sandals is usually a good shout in case they need to leave the mats to use the bathroom. Other than that shorts and T-shirt or similar is fine, nothing with zips or sharp objects on that could injure their training partner during wrestling or damage the mats. The Hybrid uniform for Juniors is a Hybrid T-shirt and shorts and for BJJ a gi, and for Little Hybrids they wear a Hybrid gi. Finally bring a sports bottle as we will have regular, short drink breaks during the sessions.

Can I watch my child train?

Sure! We have a large wall mounted TV in reception of the downstairs grappling dojo aka the rolling room you can watch the session there, or the upstairs striking dojo, we have a window you can watch them through. We prefer parents not to be in the actual room itself as it can be distracting for the students and disruptive for the sessions. But we serve tea, coffee and snacks on site, or better still you can use the upstairs gym for free whilst your child trains!

Feel confident your child is having fun learning & making friends in a safe, inclusive environment with our caring instructors.