Being able to strike and grapple is only part of being a well-rounded martial artist. The understanding of how violent encounters start in the real world and more importantly how to avoid them in the first place is far more important. At Hybrid, we believe that all of our students should have a thorough understanding of Personal Protection and self-defence law.

Real self-defence is the cornerstone of our Hybrid Combat System. In these classes, you will learn far more than how to inflict damage on another person. While martial arts is cool and all, unless you can apply what you learn when it matters most, training doesn’t really count for a whole lot. Anticipating danger before it becomes a problem is far more valuable than learning a showy move!

In addition to our classes, we run many self-protection seminars and training courses. If you would like to book one for your school or club, give us a call and we can chat about how we can help! We’ve run courses for Schools, Social clubs and Corporate groups. 

Hybrid Self Protection

Hybrid Self Protection was set up to provide the latest and most practical advice on personal protection supported by experts in this field.

Historically this area of training has been filled by well-meaning Martial Arts instructors that fail to recognise the difference between what they teach in their classes to their students and what is needed in the real world. These are not ‘Karate in Jeans’ courses. Our courses have been structured to provide attendees with the skills to recognise and avoid potentially dangerous situations before they become volatile.

All of our courses are designed for people with little or no previous training. The sessions are delivered by combining a mixture of visual presentations, role play and practical demonstrations.

Whatever your personal or corporate needs we can tailor a course for you.

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