Our Seniors program is designed for children ages 12-16. This is an important age when kids approach to face the excitement and trials of becoming a teenager. Martial arts training can give them positive reinforcement and challenges to help prepare them for what lies ahead. It can be tough as kids navigate through these particular years and our training will help them to become stronger physically, emotionally, and mentally so they can be more successful in the journey.

We treat this class of girls and boys as young adults, taking them through their adolescence into their adult years. They choose to be in this particular program as they wish to be taught as young adults not children, and we use it as a stepping stone into the adult classes. Much like the adults classes, you will learn the skills, movement and explosive techniques associated with various martial arts, all while improving your physical fitness, stamina, mental discipline, confidence and overall well-being.

This is a fun technical class, whos objective is to build a stronger more confident student, through training martial arts