Dave Wilkins

Muay Thai

Dave Wilkins is head coach of our Muay Thai Program, and has had a career filled with titles and belts. He is a certified instructor of the UKMF.

Over 25 yrs exp in Muaythai. Professional fighter who fought around the world.
WKA national Muaythai champion.
Sponsored by Fairtex.
Founder of Wildkick Promotions.
Trainer of Junior, Area, National, British Champions.
On UKMF Olympic board.
YMCA fitness trainer, Military PTI. Former Royal Marines Commando.


Rob Homan

Jiu Jitsu

Rob is our head jiu jitsu coach. A black belt under Raphael Dos Santos, he is an active competitor in national competitions. He always comes home with at least one Gold Medal, and imparts his knowledge on all of our students.

2 – 0 MMA semi professional record
2016 Brown Belt

40 medals won over 19 events in national and international competitions including 21 gold medals

2 x U.K. police national champion in 2017/2018

European Police & Fire champion 2018


Shaune Patrick Blight


Shaune is our Head MMA coach and assistant Jiu-jitsu coach.

With 13 years of martial arts experience, martial arts is in his blood. His father is a 3rd dan black belt in Shotokan karate which Shaune studied growing up. Shaune  then decided to explore other arts and has a black belt in kickboxing and BB environmental combat, a brown belt 4 stripes in Jiu-jitsu, has competed in MMA & Jiu-jitsu for 6 years solid, and has trained with multiple world champions in many disciplines.

Shaune takes great pride in having coached British champions in MMA and in having the most successful MMA team in Plymouth.  

Shaune’s mission is to help anyone who wants to learn martial arts and loves to make champions of people who want to take it further!


Darren Norris


A certified R.A.T instructor holding belts in multiple disciplines, Darren has extensive knowledge of all manner of martial arts, and has the knowledge and ability to combine these skills into an effective fighting style. Over 25 years experience coaching and training in multiple martial arts, including Escrima, Kickboxing and Free Style Kung Fu.
Black Belt awarded by British Combat Association.
Blue Belt in Jiu Jitsu.
Certified Rapid Assault Tactics Instructor.
Worked as a Doorman and Bodyguard.