Motivating Plymouth locals to achieve their body transformation goals

Imagine having the support of a coach, that checks in with you at least weekly! Who calls you if you don't show up to class, who is your biggest cheerleader and is on this journey with you every step of the way! Imagine having that kind of accountability to keep you on track for this transformation. Imagine how the new you is going to feel in 6 weeks!

The magic ingredients to the transformation are nutrition, fitness & accountability, bespoke for you.


Surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher!
Embarking on this journey of self discovery with a supportive team by your side.


Fun fitness sessions, with a cheesy play list in the background, lots of laughs and banter among the crew, what more could you ask for?


We are a professional team of coaches, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We will push you hard in sessions and it's enjoyable and fun we promise!

Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it's about being better than you used to be!

Imagine having that kind of accountability to keep you on track for this transformation. Imagine how the new you is going to feel in 6 weeks!

Success Stories

All in all Hybrid has been superb for me this year

Like everyone the New Year New me of January needed reminding in February, well every month to be fair !!!

One big change this year was the return of Carly and Darren back at Hybrid on a permanent basis.

An influx of new timings and classes ignited some belief and fire.

Carly has been superb, her natural and sincere friendliness makes everyone feel welcome as soon as they come in the door, a talent in itself given the diverse mixture of ages, creed, colour and the different disciplines that Hybrid promote and support creates a culture of warmth and friendship.

Her classes are prompt and to time, something I personally like as in other gyms thus is not always the case.

Her classes are always broken down and explained to us and her knowledge of various disciplines is clear and shared and I personally now feel more at ease trying classes I'd never do, like yoga for example ( how she has the patience is a mystery to me )

Bodypump, Blast, TRX, Circuits or just plain old lifting and pulling some iron, always something new to keep the mind and soul active.

All in all Hybrid has been superb for me this year, physically I'm a lot stronger and more importantly mentally stronger through commitment and accountability from myself but importantly being kept on track by Team Hybrid !!!


Hybrid has definitely become my 2nd home

Dave Aggiss I joined Hybrid just over 3 years ago now having not set foot in a gym for 20 years. Little did I know that a 6 week challenge would lead to a new me. It started with a diet plan and circuits with virtual classes and support throughout lockdown and resulted in 5 & ½ stone weight loss in less than a year. Since then I have carried on with fitness classes, weight training and even the odd Muay Thai class. Hybrid has definitely become my 2nd home and completely changed my lifestyle. I am literally in the best shape of my life!!

Dave Aggiss

Weight loss, nutrition & fitness helped to prepare Emma for the 500 mile Camino de Santiago challenge!

I took part in the 6 week challenge in January this year, I was given my own nutritional plan which enabled me to lose weight healthily. I lost 14lb in total and got to my goal weight and ever since have maintained this weight .  Since the 6 week challenge, I continue to take part in classes  at hybrid such as combat fit and body pump, whilst using the gym for rehab due to an ongoing injury.

I have been training for a 500 mile walk back to back - so losing 14lb had reduced the pressure in my hips and knees which has enabled me to reduce injury whilst walking long distances.

Not only am I better educated in nutrition, I feel more self confident, and overall happy with my weight and fitness levels and have made new friends! Hybrid is very welcoming and supportive, a family run club .


Hybrid Gym Can Help You

This is the original home of the 6 week challenge! We have helped hundreds  of local people achieve their goals and get healthier.

Our team of Personal Trainers are on hand to support you.

There are lots of different pathways for fitness members. You can simply pay to use the gym  each month. You can pay for gym and access to fitness and yoga sessions or you can sign up to a 6 week transformation challenge!

We have lots of fitness sessions early morning, post school run and evening sessions available for you.

Our sessions are so varied and so much fun! We have everything from strength training to aerial yoga on offer!

If it's been a minute since you stepped foot in the gym, the 6 week challenge would be a great one for you. Its such a supportive process you go through. We assign you an accountability coach who will check in with you each week, we will assess your weight, body fat, lean muscle mass & hydration levels and  provide professional guidance to ensure you reach your goals. We will provide you with a tailored nutrition program! You will go away with a shopping list and a recipe book.

You will have access to all the amazing adult classes on the timeatable, and if we dont see you in class we will be checking in making sure you are OK.
We are with you every step of the way, ensuring you feel happy and confident throughout the challenge.

If you are still unsure about stepping into a class, why not book one of our personal training packages, the bridge into the group exercise environment, We will tailor a package to help you smash those goals. You can do everything from padwork (our personal trainers are also martial arts coaches!), yoga to strength and fitness training!

Why not come in for a tour and a chat and we can find a package that best suits you!

The 6 week challenge offer quote Web 23 at reception

  • Access to over 30 fitness, combat & yoga sessions a week
  • The fitness sessions are small  group sessions
  • A tailored nutrition plan
  • Weekly weigh in and wellness check ins
  • Bagfuls  of support and accountability coaching from us

Only £150 for the whole 6 weeks!

What next? After the challenge if you wish to join, memberships start from just £30 per month!

Frequently Asked Questions

I am so unfit, I haven't been to a gym in years I am worried I will struggle in classes...

Please do not worry. We all have to start somewhere in order to start our journey! And we have all been new to fitness at some point in our lives. Our coaches and members are so welcoming and supportive. We offer different levels and any adaptations you might need during the session. Our members are of all shapes, sizes, fitness abilities and ages. You will not stand out and everyone will be cheering you on to succeed! You will see great  progress in no time and just remember it's you vs you!

I am a female and don't want to be weighed in by a male coach is that OK?

This is absolutely fine, whatever you are most comfortable with,  we have both male & females on our coaching team.

Am i going to be allowed to eat carbs on the 6 week challenge?

Yes!!! Any diet that promotes removing carbs from your diet is a bad one. Our body needs a great balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates  in our diet. Your nutrition plan will ensure that you are eating a healthy diet packed with nutrients, and it wlill help you form new healthy lifetime habits.

Why not try us out? We have a 2 week trial available just click on the link below to book!